Gandhiji Naturopathy Center Prof. Ulpalakshan, the legendary in naturopathy, is the founder of this hospital. He was the man who basically a college professor by the profession made an ardent effort to uplift this system of medicine. He suffered of renal failure in the year 1972 and it was Mr. Justice Narendran, who advised Prof. to do naturopathy at sharmas Sanitariums Pudukkottai,Tamil Nadu. Professor was advised from Calicut Medical College to go to Vellore C M C for further management of his renal trouble, which was nothing but dialysis/renal transplant therapy, which was newly introduced then. He did naturopathy when all others discouraged him from doing it. When he learned in detail about his ailment, its prognosis, failure rate of medical treatments his sense made him to opt for natural therapy. He was relived of the disease totally which made him to learn about this system in detail. Gradually his colleagues started to take advices from him which in turn on long run made him an authority in this field. Our Motto
"To cure sometimes, To relieve often, To comfort always"
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Gandhiji Naturopathy have teams of qualified Naturopathy doctors, trained and experienced in Naturopathy remedies and well-trained therapists at each of our centres.

The patient first meets a specialist doctor who recommends appropriate treatment and the use of specific Ayurvedic ingredients for treatment, based on the ailment, diagnosis, and other factors related to the patient.